How I work as an architect

‘Robbert is an excellent designer who showed he can ride and shoot’

Anders Nereim, dean architecture department School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Projects range from high-end, complete renovations to taking care of small building permits. Private residences, office space and retail spaces are among appreciated completed projects.

First a series of meetings and location visits is set so we can make a contract determining the exact project-discription, as clear as possible for both parties. We talk about budget, project demands and special requests from the client. 

Then the design process starts. I follow the client’s requests, but also ask for an open mind about what wil be presented. After all this is in many cases also what is expected of an architect. Here I bring in my project experience. Many times clients are surprised by the unexpected and economic use of the given space. I wil also portray an overview of the possible outcome of the process, including costs and duration of the building phase. 

Next is detailing and further technical elaboriation. All in order to get a reliable quotation for the building process. Depending on the pace of the project as many variables as possible are covered here.

Final phase is the realization of the project. This is where I wil ‘ride and shoot’, being deeply involved in every aspect of the process. It is always challenging to renovate old buildings. Many hidden suprises come forth and quick adjustments have to be made or new possibilities arrise. I make a lot of visits to the worksite, to check on the progress, to avoid any possible stagnation and to come up with new, creative sollutions for newly arisen problems.

I gathered an extensive network of contractors, carpenters, furniture makers, building advisers and city councilmen to advise the right way for your specific project.

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